Overview – we stress on collaboration (team work) as we are training leaders.

This program examines issues faced by leaders and offers strategies for resolving them. It explores the expectations, “social norms” and double standards that are often faced by leaders and shows how to balance strong leadership qualities to stand out as a leader in the workplace.

This program will position the participant for future leadership roles or strengthen an established leader in their position by teaching new strategies so they will achieve better results.

You will learn

  1. To use tools available to you for your personal and professional success.
  2. To give feedback so as to position your team to succeed.
  3. Different leadership styles.
  4. Negotiation skills.
  5. To successfully navigate prejudice and discrimination as often faced by leaders.

Who should enroll

Enroll now if you are a professional, entrepreneur, mid to senior level or established manager who need to sharpen your skill and if you aspire to move into leadership roles.

Our model

Course duration 3 weeks per module

Class size 12 students maximum

Format mixed

This course consists of 5 modules which can be taken as separate modules, each lasting 3 weeks. Our class size is small with a maximum of 12 students. Our class is delivered in a mixed format.